Join Dr. Karin Huffer on a journey humanizing our judicial and legal systems.

Dr. Karin Huffer is nationally recognized author, associate professor in counseling and forensic psychology, speaker, researcher, and consultant who has devoted her career to advancing equal access for persons with disabilities to public and private services.

Unlocking Justice

Using the techniques in this book may well lead a revolutionary movement toward humanizing our legal system for those most vulnerable among us – an aging population, those with no apparent disabilities, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, domestic violence traumatic stress, and many other conditions. These will be the quiet heroes who went to court, faced off with an adversary, demanded fair and equal access, won their day against the System, and set precedent that will outlive us all.

- Dr. Phillip Zimbardo

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Level I Certified ADA Advocate Class Starts:  September 30, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.

Thus Karen's LAS/PTSD theory is on point, contact with courts is toxic. - Scott Huminski

Read “Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome" so as to learn some self-help strategies to protect yourself in court from the abuses there and to protect your health under stress in general. - Tim Taylor

I have read your book and enjoyed it completely. - William G. Stone M.D. Pres. Las Vegas Psychiatric Society

Dear Amazing Team:  Attached is the MOTION and GRANTED HEARING(!!!!) by the new JUDGE. BREAK-THROUGH because IT IS EX PARTE.  Please realize that WITHOUT all of you, I would be out of energy in this fight for JUSTICE.
- Kathy

Your Book and your support has been incredibly important to holding on to my sanity. Hopefully I can hold onto my house until the Disability Benefits comes through.
- Russ

Karin, your book has been my bible, you have been my lifeline. - Meryl

We promise justice, but we deny access. We promise equality, but we deny access. We promise fairness, but we deny access. We don't seek your sympathy. We don't want your pity. Just remove the barriers, and let us all have access.
- Chief Justice Lewis, Florida Supreme Court

♦ EAA Brochure ♦  EAA connects the ADAAA law with persons who have disabilities by training dependable and ethical ADAAA advocates and specialists.  Due process is assured through ADA accommodations that offset functional impairments.  Physical, participatory and testimonial equal access are enhanced by use of EAA’s Standard of Care under an Americans with Disabilities Act and its Amendments Act rubric.