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Dr. Karin Huffer

Dr. Karin Huffer

EAA’s advocate training, provided by Dr. Karin Huffer, clarifies and effectuates the rights of those living with invisible disabilities.  EAA’s court advocates are prepared to recognize and challenge legal abuses and the syndrome that can result from extreme stress.  Their education includes the use of tools for and information on conducting functional disability assessments.  Classes prepare advocates to design accommodations that offset symptoms supporting litigants.  The jewel in this program is the incorporation of eight steps to maintain mental health to be applied at the beginning, during, and end of the litigation process.  Mental and physical endurance are paramount to quality of life during and after the litigation experience.



Unlocking Justice

Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo

Unlocking Justice by Dr. Karin HufferUsing the techniques in this book may well lead a revolutionary movement toward humanizing our legal system for those most vulnerable among us – an aging population, those with non apparent disabilities, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, domestic violence traumatic stress, and many other conditions. These will be the quiet heroes who went to court, faced off with an adversary, demanded fair and equal access, won their day against the System, and set precedent that will outlive us all.

Dr. Philip Zimbardo

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