Guide to your Disability Rights

A Guide to Disability Rights Laws
Connecting the Judicial System to the Resources Needed for Ethical Compliance Under the ADAAA 2009.
We promise justice, but we deny access. We promise equality, but we deny access. We promise fairness, but we deny access. We don’t seek your sympathy. We don’t want your pity. Just remove the barriers, and let all have access.
–  Chief Justice Lewis, Florida Supreme Court
Equal Access Advocates
Graphic Design – Wilene Gremain
Using the techniques in Unlocking Justice may well lead a revolutionary movement toward humanizing our legal system for those most vulnerable among us—an aging population, those with non-apparent disabilities, PTSD, Traumatic Brain injury, ADHD, depression, anxiety, autism, and the many other conditions, These will be the quiet heroes who went to court, faced off with an adversary, demanded fair and equal access, won their day against the System, and set legal precedent that will outlive us all.
–  Phil Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus Stanford University