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EAA: Mission & Vision


Dr. Karin Huffer, MFT

Dr. Karin Huffer

Equal Access Advocates (EAA) mission is to educate, train and certify advocates throughout the legal system, to better recognize, understand and implement accommodations for persons with invisible disabilities, while maintaining their civil rights to equal and impartial treatment within the U.S. Judicial system mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 1990, as amended, 2008.


To improve the U.S. Judicial system’s perspective and understanding of Legal Abuse Syndrome (LAS) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (Act), as amended, to ensure every person with both invisible and visible disabilities are treated equally and consistently within the judicial system and its process across the United States.

Identifying Invisbiltiles in the Court Room

Graphic Design – Wilene Gremain

“Invisibly” Disabled Quality Control: Explained

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