Become a Certified Advocate

Begin a new career as a Certified ADA Advocate!

  • Serve litigants with disabilities during litigation
  • Help the judicial system to better serve the public
  • Open a new career path or income stream
  • Work under the protection of the ADAAA
  • Certified ADA Advocate FAQ’S

Webinar consists of six 3-hour sessions

  • No pre-requisites
  • Textbook, Syllabus, and Certificate Included
  • Professional listing on website if desired
  • Must recertify yearly
  • Limited Scholarships available
  • Ongoing support thru our Advocate’s Forum (optional)

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“She [Karin Huffer] taught me I wasn’t alone, and that I was not the only one suffering injustice; that this stuff is “real”; that I could cope with it and deal with it; that experiencing it taught me a lot about advocating for others; that (she is a deeply spiritual person, but not traditional at all, at all) there are good things to be gained for all concerned even the abused person; that our experiences ARE the nature of the world which takes and crushes and is power-centered and that I could operate as a conscience-centered person in spite of even being in the presence of my abusers; that it is a mistake to engage in the “Eleventh Commandment, Thou shalt not be expansive” meaning, to focus on the issue at hand without the emotions spinning me like a top; that I had to learn mental toughness and the ability to be clear regardless of the happenings…

She taught me that I am truly valuable and that all of life is a process and so when those who seek power (the “power centered”) are practicing their addiction (power is like heroin), that I have ways to deal that they can’t understand and she has taught me many of those ways.

I call her Yoda sometimes, as do a couple of others who have been blessed with her teachings in this lifetime.  Her perspective is unique and truly helpful.  It does NOT encourage a sense of victimization which is toxic to most of us.  She did and does give us tools in our toolbox we didn’t have before.
And that’s only a smidgeon of what she has given to me.  She is priceless.”

– Juli T. Star-Alexander, Las Vegas, Nevada, June 2011


“Really enjoyed the webinar today, I feel very good about it, your responses are fair and reasonable. I would think any Judicial System on the up and up would embrace it. I also see how it is an opportunity for those who have been damaged in and of the system to correct their status. Many prayers go forth that we all embrace good information with the wisdom to discern the difference including applying it. Wonderful, liberating work you all are doing, therefore us together.
Thank you,”

– Cindy, October 2011