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Disability Act

The look of PTSD from legal stressors. The advocate is a critical component for equal access.

“We promise justice, but we deny access. We promise equality, but we deny access. We promise fairness, but we deny access. We don’t seek your sympathy. We don’t want your pity. Just remove the barriers, and let all have access.”

– Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court R. Fred Lewis

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (“NIMH”), one in four American adults “suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year.”Disabilities Act was passed by the United States Congress, there were approximately 43 million disabled Americans. Today, incidences of PTSD, autism, depression and other invisible disabilities is dramatically on the rise.  EAA Brochure


LAS-Self in Court | Fragmented by fear, loss of control

Graphic Design – Wilene Gremain

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