Legal Abuse Syndrome (2013)



Legal Abuse Syndrome (Limited Edition – Soft Cover) is a book which helps victims overcome the pain caused by their psychological reaction to profound  and prolonged injustice.  Those who seek justice have been victimized by either deception or violence.  When a victim pursues justice he becomes engaged in a “shotgun wedding” of sorts which unites the psychological and legal issues into a psycholegal condition.  Recovery requires both psychological attention and legal closure.  The condition, which I have named “Legal Abuse Syndrome” (LAS), is a chronic “psycholegal” Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which complicates the victim’s ability to adequately defend himself or herself against further assaults or to effectively fight for rights, at a moment when victims most need their creative powers.  LAS is the obscure factor that is exploited by unscrupulous attorneys, white-collar criminals, and abusers of authority.