Public Speaking

Professional Keynote Speaker, Instructor, and Consultant with Special Experiences in the Areas of Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Cognitive Disabilities.
Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center Continuing Medical Education, Regularly Scheduled Lecturer on PTSD and Legal Abuse Syndrome, granting CMEs for Physician licensure.  Participating physicians gained expanded skills in diagnosing PTSD, and awareness of their ethical role as to the ADA, and that chronic extreme stress such as litigation as well as acute traumatic incidences precipitate PTSD.

Speaker on protocols for treatment of PTSD and trauma in schools.  Designed and conducted research adapting FBI critical-incident debriefing protocols for children with special needs including PTSD.

The “Life Span” speakers program and special seminars at Hospital Corporation of America Montevista Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada.
International Conference on Violence and Trauma.

Faculty, Annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference, Albany, New York.



Consultant for U.S. Attorney’s Office and FBI establishing “FIRST” (Financial Institution Robbery Support Task Force) to assist victims of bank robberies (both customers and employees). Collaboration with FBI field agents developing methods from their Critical-Incident Debriefing method and graphics for use with those under extreme stress with Complex PTSD from non-acute traumatic exposure.


” I have trained to be a disability advocate for disabled people who need to go to court and therefore need accommodations.  The person who trained me is Karin Huffer… The book that we used for training is called “Unlocking Justice” … She is a very good speaker. ”     –  Nancy S. Erickson, Esq. New York

8 - Steps

Graphic Design – Wilene Gremain

Instructor in the areas of traumatic stress for Chapman College, La Salle University, and University of Las Vegas Nevada Extension Division.
Training Manual for PTSD in the Courts with Ethics.

Expert Witness Testimony

More than 200 presentations for peer review regarding treatment protocols, potential ethics violations, and inadvertent abuses of those with PTSD in our bureaucratic and legal systems.

Expert Witness testimony has met Daubert and Frye Standards serving clients in the states of Nevada, California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Alaska, Arizona, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Georgia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, Wisconsin. Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Ohio, Oregon, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Florida.  Clients also reach to the UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

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