Court Advocacy

Our Court Advocacy and Case Management ServicesWe put the nuts and bolts back, re-assembling your case, your health, and your stability after litigation leaves you in pieces – OR, better, we prevent the devastation by using Karin Huffer’s 8-Steps from the beginning.

We assure that invisible disabilities are accommodated under the ADAAA without adding a discriminatory burden of qualification.

Our Certified ADA Advocates assess your case in the context of your disability by:

  • Providing pre-litigation preparation, before you hire the lawyer – it saves money
  • Providing pre-mediation assessment
  • Working to rule out malingering
  • Communicating with your lawyers and doctors
  • Serving as liaison as needed
  • Preparing you emotionally for court

Assist you through Karin Huffer’s 8-steps for healing and being effective in your litigation:

  • Design your accommodations needed for a fair day in court
  • File the request and monitor that accommodations are provided and kept up to date and that confidentiality is maintained.
  • Expert Witness Testimony

We provide Case Management Services:

  • Open your mail;
  • Index your documents;
  • Prepare your documents clerically with your or attorney direction and file them;
  • Watch filings and help bridge traumatic contacts,  memories, issues;
  • Go to court with you;
  • Help arrange witnesses;
  • Assist with research as directed by you or your attorney;