Level II – Certified Forensic Disability Specialist – 16.5 CEU’s


Fall of 2015

Six 3 hour online sessions taught by Dr. Karin Huffer with selected guest legal experts.

  • Textbook, Syllabus, and Certificate Included
  • Professional listing on website if desired
  • Must recertify yearly
  • Limited partial and full scholarships available
  • Certificates Awarded with court identification

18 CLE’s for attorneys and 16.5 CEU’s for social workers and medical professionals


$495 for 18 hours of training

(Includes certificate, badge, textbook, handouts.)
If you are interested in taking this course please email us at: legalabuse@gmail.com

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Participants are trained to use ethical guidelines, the coursework included in the ADA Advocacy course, and the Standard of Care. FDS participants do a research project and are groomed to become leaders in the behavioral health professions and legal professions. Judges, attorneys, paralegals, judicial personnel, experienced litigants, physicians, clergy, nurses, social workers, executives of disability groups, expert witnesses, and others interested in the comprehensive study of the ADAAA usually select the Forensic Disability Specialist designation. The ADAAA is taught in the context of litigation, invisible disabilities, and practical application given the realities of the judicial system budgets, traditions, and contemporary problems.

Price: $495.00

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Level I – Certified ADAAA Advocate

Summer of 2015

Participants learn a standard of care that specifies four specific areas of instruction for the ADA advocate and how to promote advocacy as a career choice or complement to another profession.

  • ADAAA law
  • Local rules and laws
  • Eight-step supportive counseling protocol
  • Basic knowledge of most commonly encountered invisible disabilities

18 CLE’s for attorneys and 16.5 CEU’s for social workers and medical professionals, including 6 Ethics Credits.

For further information:  Webinar Press Release

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The Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008-implemented in 2009, along with the signing of the International Treaty for the Disabled, 2009 by President Obama have opened new doors for equality for persons with disabilities. The purpose of the this course using the textbook, Unlocking Justice, is to set a standard of care by offering a system for implementing the mandates of these Acts, equalizing public services for persons with disabilities (PWDs). Participants will become skilled in recognizing, advocating for, and assisting persons with disabilities. The skills are based upon scientific studies of neurological functioning of human beings under stress – focusing on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other invisible disabilities. Participants will become skilled at administratively advocating for persons with impairments as they use their legal systems. Ethical obligations, psychological and physiological realities of serving PWDs when under stress are emphasized. Participants are exposed to legal and social changes needed in order to be in compliance with laws regarding civil rights, disability rights, and social responsibilities of living in civilized cultures. The American with Disabilities Act is the sentinel law exposed.

Price: $495.00

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